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Tricom Securities offshore management service was built to accommodate clients who realise the benefits of having their investments offshore under an actively managed service and recognise with a demand for a more bespoke, higher level of service. We strive to add value in everything we do, hopefully keeping us well ahead of investment expectations. This reputation we hold amongst our clients is what gives us the competitive edge in the cut-throat world of offshore private wealth management.

Our Service
Operational experience and simple business models tells us that by delivering high levels of service we generate above average levels of customer loyalty and reputation. Tricom Securities defines customer service as providing first-class complete management of the investment experience and advisor client relationship, whilst delivering the highest levels of service across all channels of communication, geographical locations and investment product lines.

Tricom Securities understands that the most important asset we have are our clients and this is how we structure our business; to meet your expectations and needs head-on rather than go around the houses. Our Offshore Portfolio Service takes on an all-inclusive approach to your wealth management always treating you as an individual in the true sense of the word and not just another one of our clients.

The Path to Customer Excellence
Our high levels of customer excellence have not occurred by chance, they are based on a well thought out roadmap which establishes a rock solid foundation for control and transparency of all processes and systems within our institution. Tricom Securities' processes, people and systems are designed to be flexible enough to the meet the ever changing requirements of our clients and the global economic climate in which we live.

To allow us to remain ahead of the curve and allow for these shifts, our plan for customer excellence focuses on three main principles:

  • Always Treat the Client as an Individual
    Each client has their own aspirations, desires and goals and for this reason, we treat you as an individual and not as a group. At Tricom, we treat you with respect and take the time to get to know you and deal with you as an individual, always striving to provide the same high quality service to each client.

    It is not about what we say, it is about what we don’t say, with listening being at the forefront of each dialogue we have with you ensuring we fully understand what you, our client, needs. Unlike many of our peers we never use predetermined portfolios, designing and the constructing each one together. With each investor having vastly different goals, we allocate various elements of your portfolio to each specific requirement. As an example, this can include estate planning, early retirement, education planning or that second house you have always dreamt of. By treating each goal separately, we can effectively provide and oversee the achievement of each of your targets giving you the peace of mind to get on with your daily life knowing that your money is in safe hands.

  • Regular communication
    Tricom Securities maintains numerous channels of communication with our clients; direct channels such face-to-face meetings at our headquarters, telephone contact and indirectly through the internet via email. It is irrelevant which channel you choose at any given time since the high quality remains and we judge it on the ability to provide comprehensive information as requested within the context of the transaction. To maintain these standards we regularly conduct client satisfaction reviews using the feedback we get from all our clients to sharpen every facet of our service. Our exceptional levels of service is based on the aptitude of each member of our staff regardless of title to be able to maintain a consistent level of service to each individual, providing the first class experience they have come to expect.

    The team provides on-going advice, service and support in all things associated with your portfolio, providing updates and reviews at your request which include a breakdown of any changes to your asset allocations as well as market entries and exits.

    Tricom Securities single point of contact policy is conducted by your dedicated advisor whilst your overall investment strategy is the outcome of a collective consensus of all the divisions within our company, based around the stipulations of you, the client. This avoids any chance of moves being influenced by individual preference versus fully researched and reasoning decision making.

  • All-Inclusive Wealth Support
    Financial planning is all about achieving your goals in life. Gone are the days when individuals would only consider using the services of an offshore private wealth management company when they had come into a large sum of money through inheritance or winning the lottery. However, in the uncertain financial environment in which we all live, it is our job to help you create, build and sustain your wealth. We do this by discussing in depth your aims in life and build a financial plan to assist you in achieving them.

    From the very start, we identify your objectives and clarify what they mean to you and where you currently stand financially. Once this is complete, you may well find, like the majority of our clients, that there is a gaping hole between where you are currently and where you would like to be.

    Then and only then can we make a start together on bridging that gap in the safest, most tax efficient way.