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Trading Services and Account Types

When being in the fortunate position to have the surplus capital to invest, the vast array of strategies and options available can often be mind boggling. As financial planners and wealth consultants, we understand that financial planning is a multi-step process. It starts with an in-depth look at your current situation, your objectives, and your concerns. Then, based on where you are and where you want to go, it creates a kind of road map to guide you toward your desired future.

As a Tricom Securities client, you will be allocated an advisor who will communicate with you on your level and at your speed, offering recommendations that are based on your own particular requirements. We strongly believe in the in implementing solid fundamental principles with regards to designing an investment portfolio and making specific recommendations. Our team will examine current plans, operations, market trends and financial models while drawing upon our comprehensive network of industry specialists, before producing a comprehensive report outlining our recommendations.


Offshore Investing
Since 1993, nearly one million offshore companies have been incorporated with the majority of the world’s leading corporations having business interests on every continent.

In more recent years, the ’Cross-Border’ financing approach to corporations has led to the blossoming of offshore financial centres morphing it into a huge industry. Companies and corporations have realized that offshore centres are indispensable for their expansion into the global marketplace, since it affords them that all-important competitive advantage. Today, offshore financial centres dominate international activities and the many offshore markets are being pushed further and further towards the centre stage.

In addition to providing strategic investment advice and planning on offshore markets to many international businesses and institutions, Tricom Securities also serves a broader base of clients including private individuals and mid-sized companies wanting to gain access to the same benefits, services and opportunities that have in the past been the preserve of the world’s biggest corporations.

Client Confidentiality (Offshore Investing): Tricom Securities Limited believes that everyone has the Human Right to absolute privacy in relation to their finances. However, many national tax jurisdictions see things differently. Given our firm’s jurisdiction and corporate structure, Tricom Securities has no reporting requirements for our client’s offshore investment activity meaning our clients can make solid, tax-free returns worry-free.

Tricom Securities’ offshore investment services give private individuals the perfect opportunity to expand their portfolio and take advantage of the many tax-efficient investment opportunities available. Please call us or use the inquiry form on the Contact Us page to find out more about our offshore investment services.

Capital Wealth Preservation
Tricom Securities appreciates and understands the value of meticulous planning for you and your family’s wealth and financial security. Our wealth management specialists can propose and highlight diversified trust, estate planning and tax-minimization strategies appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Strategic planning enables you to concentrate on the most effective asset protection and preservation strategies, for example:

  • Trusts to divide income and liabilities, to provide income and wealth for family members, or maintain the utmost privacy of your financial affairs
  • Charitable donations to achieve your philanthropic objectives and achieve enhanced tax benefits for you or your estate
  • Life insurance to provide funding for tax, legal and other incidental expenses that are inevitable upon death, or to leave your heirs well provided for
  • Ownership planning and transfer to potentially reduce or avoid probate taxes
  • Providing experienced legal assistance with specialized expertise and neutrality to provide for your estate plan so that your exact intentions are adhered to
  • Powers of attorney to protect you and your property and to protect and manage your funds and assets should you become unable to work or incapacitated
Our effective estate plan recognizes your achievements and continues the legacy you have provided for the benefit of your heirs.

Asset Allocation Planning
With the wide variety of investment alternatives, proprietary services and specialized products that are available today, it is now more important than ever to construct a written financial plan as a guideline for systematic investing in the years to come. In order to establish a sensible investment strategy for your portfolio, we emphasize the importance of a personal asset allocation plan as a means to maintaining your long-term goals. The goal of our Asset Allocation Division is to find out whether our clients have the proper investment mix and to tell them how to make the necessary adjustments to diversify these assets. Ideally, by demonstrating the dynamic relationship between risk and return, establishing realistic investment objectives, and emphasizing a long-term focus, rather than short-term profit, it will transform our clients into more disciplined and educated investors.

Inheritance Planning
Tricom Securities holistic approach to our business translates to not only to the effective management of your wealth, your family and your business but also pointing out how your wealth can work for the benefit of future generations and for the wider community as a whole.

The primary role of your advisor is to understand and translate how your wealth can be managed to achieve your objectives and be passed on efficiently and effectively to future generations.

By careful and thoughtful planning, we aim to minimise huge impact that inheritance tax can have on the value of your assets. This is just one element of your legacy planning that is intricately linked to your personal investment strategy as a whole and this ensures that the wealth you have worked so hard to accumulate is working hard whilst remaining protected so it can be distributed amongst your family and create positive and lasting value for generations to come.

Retirement Planning
In today’s age of uncertainty it is not uncommon for our clients for our clients to have disjointed part pensions which in total when the day comes will provide inadequate levels of income to sustain the lifestyle you and your family have been accustomed to. In the majority of cases the option to exit these otherwise inefficient sums of cash can be transferred into your personally owned pension scheme and what better place to administer if from than offshore out of jurisdiction of your respective local tax authority.

Education Fee Planning
If they had the choice the majority of parents would prefer to have their children privately educated watching them to go on to study at University or College. The cost of Private and Secondary/Further education is expensive and the cost is rising on a yearly basis well ahead of the rate of inflation. This alone can make funding a problem. As with all matters financial it is all down to careful planning and having the right advice from the get-go. Tricom Securities is in a strong position to guide and advise you every step of the way showing you how to avoid the common and no so common pitfalls people make when investing and will tailor a bespoke plan for you and your children/s individual circumstances.

Although the above does not comprehensively list all the services Tricom Securities provides, we hope that it gives you a brief understanding into some of the key services you can take advantage of as our client.


Preferred Advisory Account
Our Preferred Advisory Account (PFA) is a professional portfolio management separate account program that provides access to various portfolio styles managed or sponsored by Tricom Securities. A PFA is a long-term professional investment program ideal for individual, corporate and institutional investors who seek customized portfolio management of their financial assets. Investments are individually and professionally tailored to accommodate your financial profile and your designated advisor monitors your account on your behalf.

Fee Based Account
A Fee Based Account is geared around those clients who prefer their assets to be managed by an allocated advisor on a discretionary basis. This program allows for more flexibility than traditional managed accounts, as your advisor will tailor an account management style to meet a client’s specific needs and objectives. Fee Based Accounts can be run on a brokerage basis, a wrap fee or a combination of the two.

If you would like more information regarding any our trading services or account types, please call us on (852) 5808 6706 and speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to answer your questions.